Fic Rec #2

Yo lovelies!!

‘Sup? Hope you’re all doing good. Since I’ve been reading too many soulmate AUs lately, and also finally writing one of mine, this is the result. So here’s another fic rec!

Fic : Time Will Pass You By

Author : dreyars

Length : 20k+, chaptered

Status : Complete

Pairing : Tetsurou Kuroo x Kei Tsukishima (KuroTsukki)

Fandom : Haikyuu!!

Summary : The clock on his wrist was supposed to help him…to make him more aware of when the right person was about to walk into his life, but to Tsukishima it was nothing more than a curse. The clock trapped him, pressuring him into making decisions in order to prolong the time before he met the person that was supposed to change his life completely. Time is running out, and sometimes the perfect match is not always what we expect.

Why I love it : KuroTsukki is one of my fav ships till date, what with how the two balance each other out with their snark and all, and the fact that Kuroo plays such a pivotal role in Tsukki’s chatracter development. Also, i’m an overgrown baby who loves soulmate AUs way too much.

This piece is chaptered, sufficiently long and doesn’t end when the soulmates find each like most other works. It details out the entire ‘pairing’ system, follows them through the struggles of suddenly pairing up with some stranger and learning to love them. Yes, it’s not about instant gratification. Also, COLLEGE AU!!
I read this one last year and instantly loved it. It’s not very poetic, unlike most other soulmate AUs that I’ve read, and that’s kinda refreshing, I guess?

Anyway, see for yourself and come tell me if you have favourites of your own! Loves!!


Manga Rec #1

Evening, lovely readers!

I’m hoping you had a good day! But even if you didn’t, I have something here to cheer you up.
Here’s my first manga (well, it’s a manhwa) rec. BEWARE OF SPOILERS. Have fun!

Manhwa : Why Did Men Stop Wearing High Heels?

Genre : Romance (all you fangirls, this is sadly not yaoi!)

Summary : Kim Manseok is your average, everday guy but with one particular hobby: his love for high-end high heels. He owns his own personal blog and is known as a woman online but one day, his identity is exposed! Will he be able to continue his life as an ordinary salary man?

Status : Ongoing
Original Site : Lezhin Comics
Free Reading link : Zingbox

Snapshots :

Why I love it : Because of it’s charming simplicity. That’s it. I don’t have a lot of words for this one, even though I love it so much.

I’ll admit it is a bit different from my general taste but wtf, I could care less. The protagonist, Manseok, is downright lovely, in the fact that he is tragically ordinary and one can easily identify with him (even if not with his habits). He shows how every other person might be trapped in some kind of a closet that is specially made for them and that somewhere inside, each one of us is a little bit fed up with life in general. Despite all this, he shows us how we devise one or the other form of a cope up mechanism for ourselves. In his case : HIGH HEELS. I find him beautiful, whether it’s because he can openly admit to being a pervert, or feeling shit scared of showing his true self, or being brave enough to show love to people who treat him bad or don’t even see him. It doesn’t matter. Manseok is real and he makes me feel good about myself.

There are other characters too, of course. Like Chase (our very own infamous shoe designer), Choi (working to get a shoe for someone special), Mansook (the sister), an ex-muse and one ex-girlfriend. They are all good in their places, nothing extraordinary, except maybe Choi who’s forever mysterious at least until 40 chapters. Initially I liked Chase best cuz I thought it was a yaoi manhwa. Yes, I’m that lame, don’t laugh!!

As for the art, it’s okay-ish. The characters are all pretty and even prettier are the shoes. MY GOD THE SHOES!! There is very little detail on the background or other sceneries, but considering that it’s a manhwa about shoe-love, I guess it can be forgiven.

Also, the chapters are really short, averaging on 18 pages at best. You’ll probably finish it overnight. So go read it if you want and then come back and we can bond over this. Also, please try buying a volume and appreciating the mangaka’s efforts. Do not redistribute. Try reading from the official site if you can!


That’s it, my lovelies. I’ve got no more to say cuz I’m super sleepy and getting exam jitters.

Jiai, minna! Oyasuminasai. ( ´ ∀ `)ノ~ ♡

Rant #1

Afternoon, all you beauties!!

So yesterday I checked the blog stats and somehow, I have around 78 followers? How in the motherfuckin’ hell did this happen?!!

Anyway, thankyou!

I just wanted to write something I guess. Considering mid sems are looming in the near distance, I haven’t got a load of time after simultaneously trying to study for this sem’s papers and my backlogs. I started reading “Maurice” by E. M. Forster but then gave up halfway cuz mum screamed at me about wasting time. So I finally decided that I’ll try to cure the shitty block by getting back in touch with the one fic that put me in this place by getting wiped off from the phone memory.

Rest aside, I just got back from college and I’m super hungry, waiting for every Bengali’s infamous ‘ghee bhaat and deem sheddho’ (that’s rice with ghee and boiled egg, you non-bongs).


(╮°-°)╮┳━━┳ ( ╯°□°)╯ ┻━━┻

(That one was too cute not to use).

Movie Review #1 : Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice)

Evening, lovely readers!!

I have waited an entire year to lay my hands on this beauty and I’m finally here. So, today I’m gonna give you all these awesome reasons why watching “Koe no Katachi” will be supremely enlightening for you. Let’s begin now!

Movie : Koe no Katachi

Summary : After bullying a deaf girl at school and forcing her to transfer away, Ishida Shouya is himself bullied and ostracized by his classmates. Years later, he embarks on a path to redemption.

My Rating : 4½ stars

Why watch it? : There are a crap load of reasons, but I’m lazy as fuck and I’ll just go with these.

Male lead, Shouya : In my opinion, he is the primary reason the movie is so damn popular. The movie follows Shouya’s POV and his account is untamed and therefore, realistic. We are introduced to a character who has done some really nasty things to the weak and consequently, suffers for them. As they say it, what goes around, comes around and Shouya is the perfect example of this saying. He represents the average, troubled human with his conscience and desire for repentance, although he goes about it in a twisted, unhealthy way. You’ll come to despise him for his deeds and simultaneously empathise with him for his pain, but by no means will you be able to ignore him. And that, I think, is what a nicely written character should feel like. Besides all this, Shouya is really fucking handsome even as a kid and has cat eyes!! Yay! (=①ω①=)

Themes : I don’t think this is the first movie that deals with themes like depression, self-harm and shit, but I’d say this is better in a way because it actually gets the point across without using any explicit imagery and without sugar-coating it too. Both the lead characters are trapped in their own little hellholes and their struggle has been portrayed beautifully. All you faint hearted people reading this, DO NOT chicken out simply cuz of these droopy themes. You’ll easily connect with the characters and cry throughout. Yes, it’s an awful little tear-jerker.

Another thing any anime can’t do without is the theme of friendship. Trust me when I say, this movie has a bunch of teens who are simultaneously snotty and caring and mean as hell. But… They’ll remind you of your own too. They are all lovable in their respective roles and if you are not a biased one, you won’t be able to choose one over the other.

Forgiveness. Aah… The golden word. In my opinion, this is the main thing the movie wants to convey. Not only forgiving someone who wrongs you, but also yourself for all your faults and regrets. And the people who get caught in the crossfire of your angst!

The remaining characters and scenery : So there’s a vain bimbo (kinda), a nondescript new best friend who offers love without judgement, a pretty boy and a cowardly, bespecaled (is that even a word?) beauty, our deaf and dumb, kinda bland heroine whom you’ll feel sorry for but then there is nothing much to do in that regard, and last but not the least, the heroine’s BAMF little sis (she is lovely, my fav after Shouya probably, but I might be a little biased). Also, MARIA-CHAN!!!!(*≧ω≦*)

As I said before, the characters are all very lovely and realistic, though I’d have preferred if the heroine had some more personality (but let’s ignore that cuz she is depressed herself).

As for the scenes, here are my favourites (in no particular order tho) :

So that’s about it. I hope I haven’t dropped any major spoilers!!

Those of you who haven’t watched it yet, you can find it on KissAnime or YouTube. Though KissAnime will ask you to make an account, so you should probably download the android app first here to avoid that shit. I’ll try my best to post active links from YouTube later.

Now go watch it and come back to drop your thoughts!! Loves!!

Song Rec #1

Morning from my side of the world!

If you’re wondering about the crappy title, then I’ll blame it on the fact that it’s 2 in the morning and I have got an eye stye and couldn’t come up with anything better with my fried brain.

Because this is the first post, I have something uplifting here.

Song : Honey I’m Good
Singer : Andy Grammar
Lyrics : So nah nah honey, I’m good
I could have another but I probably should not
I got somebody at home,
And if I stay I might not leave alone
No, honey, I’m good
I could have another but I probably should not
I gotta bid you adieu
To another I will stay true

Why I love it : It’s an awfully peppy song that actually literally lifts up your spirits and makes you wanna shake your booty to it. Not sure what genre, maybe pop. Hope you like it!

Listen to it on SoundCloud or YouTube.

You’re Not Weird, You’re Simply Unique

The shittiest thing about being different (or in the layman’s terms, a ‘weirdo’) is this :
No matter how many times you tell yourself that you’re okay, you don’t care, you can handle this, at least once in your life you’ll stop and think — ‘maybe I should just change myself’.

Each one of us is inside one or the other kind of closet.
Perhaps you think too much, or you like reading unpopular things, or you have taboo-ish life choices, maybe you like to cross dress, maybe you have a flab hanging at your waist, or you are attracted to one of your own.
Whatever it is that you cannot talk about, remember, someone will always find it disgusting simply because it’s not theirs. People will judge, they will talk, they’ll say all the nasty things. And you know what?
You can’t fuckin’ stop them.

So what to do?
Remember this tiny, little, inconsequential thing in your room somewhere? Go find it. Lock yourself up and look. You’ll see the one person who’ll never judge you for being yourself.
Talk to them. Tell them what hurts. Why it hurts. Who caused it. Fuck, scream it if you will. But let it out. Don’t hold on to the negativity. It’s gonna carve you up from the inside and leave you as a shell of the person you were. Nothing good is ever going to come out of it, yeah? They’ll all eventually judge you for being different, for not being one of them. Some of them, irrespective of how close they were to you, will leave you.

So don’t listen to them. Put your fingers into your ear canals and fuckin’ sleep. Play some games maybe. Read a book. Watch a soap. Do whatever the fuck you want, but DON’T LET GO BECAUSE SOME STUPID ASSHOLE RIDICULED YOU. Bear the shit, fight back if you get bullied, shoot a sarcastic grin if they laugh at you. But don’t ever give up.

Stop being afraid. Come out of the closet. I know it’s not easy. Fuck, it will even hurt like a bitch. At least in one of these cases you’ll want to go off yourself.
But remember, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.
So be brave. Be strong. Fight back until you’ve got nothing left to fight for. But don’t lose yourself.

Remember :


And someone else does too.
Now go spread the positivity!!



I guess I’m writing this simply cuz I’m sad when I really actually have no reason to be.

So I was attending this shitty lecture on molecular spectra when I saw it floating in my FB timeline. And I just… stopped for a moment. And the first thought that popped in my head was “I hope he finds peace”.

The first time I heard Chester sing was back in 2010, when I was in the 8th grade and received my first gadget. Of course I was hooked the very moment I heard the vocals. Back then I didn’t really pay much attention to the lyrics of “In The End”. As I grew up, though, things changed around me and I just kinda lost myself somewhere along the way. So no, I wasn’t always a happy person. Never in fact. And everyone tries it at least once, don’t they? Whether it’s simply out of curiosity or with a purpose in mind. Some follow through and some don’t. I didn’t of course.
And when I saw that post, my throat just kinda clogged up. Like, as if I knew something I never acknowledged before, but something vital nonetheless, was lost.

They are all saying that it’s a suicide. But who knows. We are no one to judge. Or maybe he finally decided that this was it. Whatever it is, I don’t think that I really needed to cry in class. Because fuck I did.
I’m not sure why it happened tho. Because too many people die everyday, but I guess not everyone of them gives you something to last with. The entire day I kept thinking how much I love “Castle of Glass”, even tho it got super old and I play it on repeat on my worst days and I wondered, if he’d thought of all the bad things too when he sung it. If it gave him strength too the same way it did for me.

It’s kinda hilarious for me because every other time I hear someone is dead I don’t really feel much. But it was super weird this time.

And wow. We won’t get too many Linkin Park songs now.
I’ll miss that pain resonating with mine, I guess.